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Many Koi or Carp, swim in the ripples reflection water.

Koi Ponds


Water Gardens

About Us

Pond Doctor is a full-service construction, maintenance, and repair resource for water feature enthusiasts who are interested in achieving harmony in a freshwater habitat.  We provide a detail-oriented service that aims at making owning a water feature a hands-free experience. At Pond Doctor, our staff is highly motivated, polite, knowledgeable, and punctual.  If you’re a pond owner who is tired or frustrated by the lack of results,  you’ve come to the right place.

No job too tough...

Pond Construction

Whether it is installing a viewing rock or some complimentary Bromeliads to finish off softening the edges we make everything we build portfolio worthy

Pond Cleaning

The first thing we need to determine is if you have a water garden or a koi pond.Step by step procedure is followed during a pond clean-out

Pond Repair

A naturally balanced, low-maintenance pond is the dream of every water feature owner. Our team is equipped and ready to help provide everything you need to enjoy the upcoming pond season to its fullest!


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