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It is often hard to find a company that specializes in Pond Cleaning, Maintenance, and Service/ repair.  At Pond Doctor we are here to assist you in all aspects of your water feature. 

Pond Cleaning:  The first thing we need to determine is if you have a water garden or a koi pond.  Think of your right hand and your left hand.  Both are hands but each one is different.  Water Garden's are easy to identify: Do you have a rubber liner?  Is there a plastic tub at the top?  Is there a skimmer in which you pull a filter mat that you hose off for maintenance?  You have a water garden!  Koi Ponds are easy to identify as well: Is it made of concrete?  Is there an external filter and pump located away from the pond?  Do you see a UV Sterilizer?  

Hybrid versions of water gardens and koi ponds exist as well.  Much of this is determined by where in the country or what country you reside in.  We are in two different locations: Southern California (562) - 208 - 2987 and South Florida (954) - 603-4602.  Both locations have different service needs depending on the style of feature and when or who built it.  We are one of the few companies that build, service, and maintain in both areas.  Please take some time to view our media collection below.

Services preformed during a Pond Cleanout:
  • Drain pond
  • Place fish in hospital tank (500 Gallon Pool)
  • Remove debris from pond
  • Power wash rocks & gravel
  • Reposition rock & gravel
  • Rinse pond
  • Fix Settling edges as needed
  • Clean Skimmer
  • Clean filter mats (Mechanical)
  • Clean Bog filter (if applicable)
  • Trim and/or divide plants
  • Remove decaying/ dying plants
  • Check all underwater lights / reset timer
  • De chlorinate the water
  • Clean Pressure Filter if applicable
  • Clean Sand Filter if applicable
  • Clean Bio Filter if applicable
  • Acclimate & re-introduce fish into pond
  • Diagnose any potentially sick fish
  • Reconnect pump
  • Start filling pond
  • Pump Exchanges
  • Retrofits
  • Filter and Pump Upgrades

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