So your interested in a Koi Pond or Water Garden? Fantastic! That’s what we have been interested in for over 20 years now. I started this company to supplement my teaching salary. That’s right, I teach High School English too. Furthermore, my foreman on the West Coast: He’s a former Math Teacher. Finding good people is extremely hard in business. I have been blessed to be surrounded by a great team. That translates into a smooth building process.

Structural integrity is one of my favorite terms. When you are choosing a contractor to build you an ecosystem pond or koi pond it is very important that you find a contractor that clarifies expectationsthen overdelivers. We try to do just that. Whether is is installing a viewing rock or some complimentary bromeliads to finish off softening the edges we make everything we build portfolio worthy.

We build on both coasts: Southern California (562) 208-2987 and South Florida (954) 603-4602. The question people ask me the most is, “What’s the biggest difference between building in California vs. Florida?” I think there are three distinct differences. 1. Sand vs. Loan or Clay. When I excavate and have to work with sand or ground water it takes a couple more steps! 2. The price of rock. In Southern California granite is everywhere. I even know some contractors who make trips to the mountains to gather specific types of rock. In South Florida you have to get the rock from a mine or shipped in which makes it much more expensive. 3. Heat. While Southern California is a desert and does get hot during the summer South Florida is an entirely different beast. This make’s filtration extremely important. Having a great biological filter and the right equipment to reduce maintenance is something we focus on; after all, we started with maintenance and in most cases we end up maintaining features we built.

Please preview the following media of examples of the type of work we do:

Pond Rancho Palos Verde 77

Pond Boca Raton 2020

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